‘The seeing space’, 2015, @MuseoGuggenheim in Bilbao (photo: Erika Ede) and @Tate Modern in London (photo: Anders Sune Berg).

‘An attentive feeling-seeing.’ Aykan Safoğlu’s works ‘Hundsstern steigt ab’ [Dog Star Descending], video, 2020; and ‘Null-Defizit (in Ablehnung)’ [Zero Deficit (In Refusal)], installation, 2020, are now on view @GropiusBau in Berlin as part of the 11th Berlin Biennale.

‘Our glacial perspectives’, 2020, permanently installed on Grawand Mountain at Hochjochferner glacier, South Tyrol Commissioned by the Talking Waters Society https://t.co/6bpdGY6hCY

‘Drifting north compass’, 2020, now on view at neugerriemschneider in Berlin, as part of Olafur’s solo exhibition ‘Near future living light’. Photo: Jens Ziehe

Artist Sammy Baloji has been invited to create two sculptures for the pedestals on the facade of the Grand Palais in Paris, entitled ‘Johari – Brass Band’ and unveiled just this week. Photos: @GrandPalaisRmn

Now in Berlin, the Mumbai-based artist duo The Black Mamba (Natasha Mendonca & Suman Sridhar) present their film work ‘Land of the Breasted Woman’, currently on view as part of the 11th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art @kw_berlin. 11.berlinbiennale.de/participants/t…

‘Your planetary window’, 2019 – installed at Studio Olafur Eliasson, Berlin (photos: Jens Ziehe); installed @Tate Modern, London (photos: Anders Sune Berg)

Sun paths ‘Dong Zhuang sunpath’, 2012 (photo: Anders Sune Berg) ‘Dagslyspavillon’, 2007 (photo: Jakob Hunosøe & Ebbe Stub Wittrup) ‘World illuminator’, 2014 (photo: @SHIMURAbros) ‘Den indre himmel’, 2018 (photo: Anders Sune Berg)

Now available to watch after the event, Olafur in conversation with John Akomfrah for '(At Home) On Culture and Climate', hosted by the @Hirshhorn Museum hirshhorn.si.edu/event/at-home-…

‘Our glacial perspectives’, 2020 (photo: David Orru)

‘New beginning’, 2020 (photo: Jens Ziehe) – now on view in Olafur’s solo exhibition ‘Near future living light’ at neugerriemschneider in Berlin

‘Your surprise turquoise puddle’, 2019 (photo: Jens Ziehe)

The webinar conference ‘Ethiopia: Modern Nation – Ancient Roots’, organized by the Africa Institute in Sharjah, starts tomorrow, 17 Oct, and runs through 25 Oct. Explore and click on individual events to register. theafricainstitute.org/ethiopia-onlin…

Solastalgia: The fear and grief associated with a rapidly changing environment, best described as a sense of homesickness without ever leaving home. @Guardian #XandravanderEijk ‘The glacier melt series 1999/2019’, 2019 #MirrorShieldProject #UrsulaBiemann

‘Biosphere collective’, 2020 (photos: Jens Ziehe)

Solastalgia: ‘I am homesick for my home even though I am still here.’ theguardian.com/us-news/2020/o…

‘Our glacial perspectives’, 2020, South Tyrol. The artwork’s path is divided by nine gates that are spaced at intervals corresponding in scale to the durations of Earth’s ice ages, thereby marking a deep-time timeline of our planet, of ice, and of the environment.

A film by SHIMURAbros of Olafur’s artwork ‘Your sooner than later’, 2020, now on view in Olafur’s solo exhibition ‘Near future living light’ at neugerriemschneider in Berlin, open through 24 October. https://t.co/jvu3mEgDHc

‘Our glacial perspectives’, 2020, has just been inaugurated at the Hochjochferner glacier in South Tyrol. Photos: Martin Rattini, Riccardo Marianno

An ice stupa in the Ladakh region of India. This artificial glacier is created using only a pipe and water pressure and can help farmers fight the effects of climate change in the region. Research from ‘The expanded studio’ in ‘In real life‘ @MuseoGuggenheim @cnn @Wangchuk66

‘The glacierhouse effect versus the greenhouse effect’, 2005, installed in Santa Fe, 2006 (photo: Andrew Gellatly)

‘The open pyramid’, 2016 (photo: Anders Sune Berg)

Now live streaming from the Hirshhorn Museum, an artist talk between Olafur and John Akomfrah hirshhorn.si.edu/event/at-home-…

John Akomfrah, ‘Vertigo Sea’ (still), 2015

We’re excited to announce that Olafur’s new permanent public artwork ‘Our glacial perspectives’, 2020, is being unveiled today on Mount Grawand by the Hochjochferner glacier in South Tyrol. https://t.co/AA2MeHnyfn