'Atmospheric wave wall’, 2020 (photo: EQ Office)

It was a great pleasure for me to create a work of art specifically for Willis Tower and for Chicago. Inspired by the unpredictable weather that I witnessed stirring up the surface of Lake Michigan, 'Atmospheric wave wall‘' appears to change according to your position and to the time of day and year. What we see depends on our point of view: understanding this is an important step toward realizing that we can change reality. It is my hope that this subtle intervention can make a positive contribution to the building and to the local community by reflecting the complex activity all around us, the invisible interactions and minute fluctuations that make up our shared public space.

I’m excited to share that 'Atmospheric wave wall‘ at Willis Tower on the exterior Jackson Blvd. wall in Chicago has been unveiled today!

STUDIO BERLIN exhibition catalogue, 2020

We just received our copy of the catalogue for STUDIO BERLIN and are pleased to provide a peek. The exhibition location, Berghain – a world-renowned techno club – famously does not allow any photography once inside, so this publication gives rare glimpses into the space in the background of the artworks.

STUDIO BERLIN is a ‘snapshot survey’ of the art being made in Berlin that opened in September 2020, produced by the Boros Foundation in cooperation with Berghain. Responding to the upheaval caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, it is primarily designed to reflect current tendencies and changes in art and society and provide artists living in Berlin with a platform for their recent productions. STUDIO BERLIN presents the output of over 120 Berlin-based artists on all floors of the club. The show features German and international artists working in photography, sculpture, painting, video, sound, performance, and installation art. (Due to the Corona Ordinance, the exhibition is unfortunately closed until further notice.)

The accompanying catalog expands on the exhibition and presents installation shots of the works together with dedicated material produced by the contributing artists. In drawings, photographs, or sketches as well as statements, poems, and other fragmentary formats, they share their very personal perspectives on what it means to make art in this challenging time. With a preface by Klaus Lederer, Berlin Senator for Culture and Europe, and an introduction by Juliet Kothe and Karen and Christian Boros.

Olafur contributed his new artwork ‘Filling the explanatory gap between the conscious mind and the physical body’, 2020, to the exhibition. Other artists featured include Yael Bartana, Monica Bonvicini, AA Bronson, Tacita Dean, Simon Denny, Simon Fujiwara, Cyprien Gaillard, Isa Genzken, Anne Imhof, Sven Marquardt, Adrian Piper, Anna Uddenberg, Wolfgang Tillmans, and many more.