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Vær i vejret, Orddrupgaard, Denmark. Video by Kyle Basilius

Inequality and climate change - powerful photos and stories by United Nations Development Programme stories.undp.org/997ccd59d6fbff… #toldwithexposure via @UNDP

‘... The choice we face is not between hypocrisy and purity, but between hypocrisy and cynicism. It is better to strive to do good, and often fail, than not to strive at all.’ 2/2


Trafalgar Square right now. People are defying the police ban and are gathering in peaceful protest. @ExtinctionR @XRebellionUK #TheTimeIsNow

Have you seen the new season of Abstract: The Art of Design on Netflix? Many have been commenting on Olafur’s “slow mirror”.. Can you see through the illusion? Be sure to check out the whole episode, and the other great artists and designers featured


Beauty, 1993. Now part of In real life, Tate Modern, London

Arctic tree drifter, 2019

The best slide deck about climate change comes from a Danish-Icelandic artist qz.com/1717448/ via @qz

'Ideas, and ideas about ideas. Suppositions and suspicions about relationships among abstract notions — shape, number, geometry, space — emerging through a fog of chalk dust ... In these diagrams, mysteries are being born and solved.'


'The launch of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) special report on the Ocean and Cryosphere today, highlights the need for governments to urgently scale up and accelerate efforts to address the climate emergency and protect the world’s oceans.' twitter.com/greenpeacepres…

The water we eat: Have you ever heard of 'virtual water'? Beyond our visible domestic water use, most of the water we consume is invisible – that is, used to produce industrial products and food. Here's an interactive breakdown of our water consumption:

I’m extremely honoured to become a UNDP Goodwill Ambassador. Urgent climate action is needed and the best roadmap for our activities is the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As an artist, I believe that culture offers access to and a felt understanding of the challenges at hand, and I look forward to joining the United Nations Development Programme in working towards these goals

Olafur speaking at @socialgood To watch, just go to: mashable.com/sgs-livestream/

Today at 2:30pm New York time (8:30pm Berlin time), Olafur will be speaking at the Social Good Summit in New York. We encourage everyone to tune in! To watch, just go to: mashable.com/sgs-livestream/


Greta Thunberg and George Monbiot – ’This film was made from recycled footage with no flights and zero net carbon. Please take it and reuse it.’