Stella McCartney virtual studio visit with Olafur Eliasson, May 2020

‘Can the art world provoke and drive social transformation, a shift in values, making us rethink our relationship to material culture? Can it reveal new definitions of what progress means?’…

"I used to believe that I was independent. Now I accept that I am reliant on others." #WeUsedTo what are you discovering about your world in these times?

A @robgmacfarlane ‘Word of the Day: “stravaig” – to wander without sure purpose, to walk or travel aimlessly, glad of the possibilities of moving freely on foot & of being – even temporarily – unconstrained …’ Image: ‘Sense of space produces space shades life’, 2011

‘Symbiotic seeing’, 2020, installed as part of the exhibition ‘Symbiotic seeing’ earlier this year @kunsthauszuerich (photo credit: Franca Candrian)…

There's no such thing as too many penguins or puffins on the internet. #BiodiversityDay

How do we jointly create new earthly politics? Starting today @zkmkarslruhe presents a 3-day streaming festival with the exhibition project 'Critical Zones', curated by Bruno Latour. Lectures & talks by Peter Weibel, Bruno Latour, Donna Haraway and more.…

‘To be one is always to become with many.’ – Donna Haraway Image: ‘Algae window’, 2020, installed as part of the exhibition ‘Symbiotic seeing’ earlier this year @KunsthausZurich (photo credit: Franca Candrian) #BiodiversityDay

#BiodiversityDay is a great moment to practice interspecies empathy. It’s good for animals and for avoiding future pandemics. Join me & @undp in working toward #ClimateAction & living more sustainably

"I used to know that I love nature. Now I know that nature loves me too." #WeUsedTo

Happy to announce that my dear friend Andri Snær Magnason’s most recent book ‘On Time and Water’ is out this week in Germany, translated into German @AndriMagnason

‘Glacial currents (black, blue)’, 2018 Photo credit: Jens Ziehe

‘Waterfall’, Palace of Versailles, 2016

‘When a storm subsides, the air is washed clean of whatever particulate matter has been obscuring the view, and you can often see farther and more sharply than at any other time. ...’ – Rebecca Solnit @guardian ‘Your glacial expectations’, 2012

‘Changes in the public sphere originate within the individual, but also, changes in the world at large affect our sense of self, our priorities and our sense of the possible.’ – Rebecca Solnit @guardian #joanjonas #mirrorshieldproject #robertsmithson

How is the current covid-19 pandemic changing the soundscape around us?…

Join Olafur and Daniel Birnbaum today at 6 PM (London) / 7 PM (Berlin, Stockholm) on Instagram Live @studioolafureliasson and @acuteart_ for a conversation about cabinets of curiosities and #EverydayWonders.

Cabinets of curiosities are, historically, singular places with unique collections of objects. Now you can make your own WUNDERKAMMER anywhere with Olafur’s new AR project. Download the free Acute Art app in the App Store and on Google Play. #oeWUNDERKAMMER @AcuteArt

WUNDERKAMMER, 2020, is a new artwork by Olafur with Acute Art. You are invited to create your own cabinet of curiosities in augmented reality by bringing objects, outdoor phenomena, and smaller spatial experiments by Olafur to your home or environment - a sun, a puffin, a ladybird, or flowers, a compass or a rainy cloud. It’s a meeting up of personal space and art.
The Acute App is available both on the App Store and on Google Play.