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Firefly double-polyhedron sphere experiment, 2020




colour emergence

dichromatic effect

The geometry of this work is the product of decades of research undertaken at Studio Olafur Eliasson. Two complex polyhedrons are embedded one inside the other. The faces of both are made from various tones of iridescent color-effect filter glass, a special material that reflects light of a single color while allowing the remaining tones to pass through. As the inner form rotates slowly around the central axis, the overlapping panes of polychromatic glass yield constantly changing hues. Small LED spotlights mounted on the frame illuminate the center of the sculpture and are reflected out again through the interstices of the construction. The lights twinkle inside it, firefly-like, in a wide range of colors and cast complex, variegated shapes and shadows onto the surrounding space.

Stainless steel, coloured-effect filter glass (green, orange, yellow, cyan, pink), mirror glass, LED light, motor, paint (black)