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 Your view matter, 2022, a new artwork using virtual-reality technology, transports visitors into a series of six spaces, five of which take the form of the Platonic solids, while the sixth is a sphere. Known since ancient times, the Platonic solids are the only geometric forms that can be produced using identical, regular polygons for faces. These five forms – the tetrahedron, octahedron, icosahedron, dodecahedron, and cube – have been accorded special significance in philosophy, religion, science, and alchemy over the millennia. In Your view matter, visitors journey through these spaces in virtual reality accompanied by a pulsing minimalist soundtrack created by the artist himself. They can examine the complex geometry from within the forms by moving around and looking in all directions. The walls and ceilings – some of which are quite colourful, while others appear in stark black and white – scintillate with ever-changing moirés, distortions that arise wherever similar patterns are overlaid and clash. As visitors move about the virtual spaces of the artwork, the patterns change in response to their shifting perspectives, encouraging them in turn to move even more. In the tetrahedron – the first space visitors encounter – the moiré arises as a result of the resolution limits of the VR headset, while in the other forms, the patterns are created through animation. The moiré patterns, and thus the artwork, only exist in the viewer’s perceptual apparatus through the meeting up of their physical bodies with the digitally programmed space.

Virtual-reality installation, audio