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Looking for hot water on Gunnar's land, 1995 - Photo: Jens Ziehe
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'Fundamental to Eliasson's whole enterprise in photography is the work's expeditionary character. But several early efforts are more evocative documents of a journey in progress in a more literal manner than he normally allows, no doubt due to the abundance of people in the images, which distracts our attention from Eliasson's gaze. Their presence also introduces a narrative element that is less abstract than in other projects ... In Looking for hot water on Gunnar's land, the photographs are arranged in a widely spaced grid and are suffused with a midnight blue tone, which adds another layer of mystery to the scenes of individuals engaged in exploratory activity. The piece conveys a sense of finding one's way through navigation and discovery.'

(Matthew Drutt, 'Olafur Eliasson: A Cultivated View', from Olafur Eliasson: Photographs, 2004, p. 13-14.)