Every Thursday is Music For Diners night at SOE KITCHEN 101 - Tonight's line-up consists of musicians Ólöf Arnalds, Skúli Sverrisson, and Arnljótur Sigurðsson. See full event programme here: SOE KITCHEN 101

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia - visiting people who use their Little Sun on a daily basis instead of expensive and unhealthy kerosene. Get your own hand held solar power station here: www.littlesun.com

Why art has the power to change to world. Read full statement via Instagram

Weather the weather, Ordrupgaard, Denmark. Photo: Maria Sattrup. via Instagram

We're very excited to share our radically re-designed video platform: SOE.TV – created by designer and developer Alan Woo in collaboration with the studio. Reaching out to a global audience, SOE.TV offers glimpses into the experiment-based, research-driven work at the studio and the activities of SOE Kitchen, as well as documentation of Eliasson’s artworks, architectural projects, and exhibitions. SOE.TV also includes rich archival footage from workshops, events, and symposia hosted by the studio and IFREX, the Institut für Raumexperimente (Institute for Spatial Experiments). As the platform grows, it will expand to host films by a range of artists, thinkers, filmmakers, researchers, and more.

Happy Ethiopian New Year! We are celebrating with these lovely memories from this year’s poetry jazz collaboration. Read World Literature Today and find more contributions and poems.

Looking very much forward to the Global Climate Action Summit tomorrow in San Francisco! @GCAS2018 #GCAS2018
And can't wait for Friday's Pathway to Paris concert - come join us! @Pathway2Paris @LittleSun

Poetry Jazz: Wax and Gold is an experimental get-together of acclaimed poets and musicians, joining in an exercise of styles and improvisation. They engage in investigations of geographical places that are based on a plethora of acoustic sources, ranging from traditional flute playing to the latest urban field recordings. Continual shifts in languages, reiteration, fragmentation, translations, and re-translations, as well as changes in metres and rhythms, create awareness of the subtle divergences of meaning that can be attributed to social and cultural influences, while exploring the gains and losses of such unspoken and outspoken interactions – find out more here: Institut for Spatial Experiments

On the occasion of the Global Climate Action Summit taking place in San Francisco from Wednesday - Little Sun friends and partners Rebecca Foon and Jessie Paris Smith are hosting another Pathway To Paris concert, and Olafur and Little Sun will be there alongside a great line up of musicians and activists

Spencer Tunick's Bodø Bodyscape installation, with Little Sun Diamonds, part of Bodø Biennale, Norway

Rise for climate - join us tomorrow in Berlin, or find the venue nearest you.
@LittleSun @350 #berlin #RiseForClimate

How to build a sphere out of cubes, 2018, Texas A&M University.

Basalt columns like these were a big inspirations for my facade design for Harpa. #Iceland @HarpaReykjavik

One of my favourite places in Iceland.

Very much looking forward to taking part in this Climate Action summit in San Francisco next week! #GCAS2018 @GCAS2018 @LittleSun twitter.com/GCAS2018/statu…

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