Interesting ideas: Owen Jones meets Dutch thinker Rutger Bregman, who argues that the real crisis of our times is not that we don’t have it good, or even that we might be worse off in the near future - it’s that we don’t have the imagination to come up with anything better

Green light: Open now in Moody Center for the Arts, Houston, and traveling to the 57th Venice Biennale as part of the exhibition Viva Arte Viva

"It matters what thoughts think thoughts. It matters what knowledges know knowledges. It matters what relations relate relations" D. Haraway

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"Whatever solarpunk is, it is deeply political - Determining the arrangements through which we distribute resources"

Exercise attention and response-ability. New short film w. @fukidance: @la_Biennale

Studio attention, with Fukiko Takase, 2016
Power spiral and Care spiral, Leeum, Seoul, 2016. A film by SHIMURAbros
Thank you to the amazing audience at @designindaba, CapeTown for doing the sunrise with your new @littlesunenergy

Green light – An artistic workshop. At the Moody Center for the Arts, Houston. Opening today!…

Green light – An artistic workshop opens at the Moody Center for the Arts, Houston

Your museum primer, 2014, The parliament of possibilities, Leeum, Samsung Museum of Modern Art, Seoul, 2016. A film by SHIMURAbros

Little Sun film by Euan Williams, former Institut für Raumexperimente participant

Global cooling lamp, 2003

Olafur's Talent Master Class for the Berlinale will be live-streamed today at 5 p.m. CET:

'Your Engagement Has Consequences' talk at 17:00 CET today at HAU, as part of the Berlinale
Livestream the event here

The studio kitchen takes part in the Culinary Cinema program at the Berlinale this afternoon!

SHIMURAbros, an incredibly talented artist duo, with whom we often collaborate, are showing work in #Singapore

Moss wall, 1994, The parliament of possibilities, Leeum Museum, Seoul, 2016. A film by SHIMURAbros
Little Sun and Save the Children are working with the Berlinale to bring solar lights to children in Afar, Ethiopia
Learn more about the project here: