Rainbow assembly, 2016, Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art, Seoul - A film by SHIMURAbros
From today, there will be more light! #WinterSolstice
After the solstice today, the days will be longer, nights shorter! The Domadalur daylight series (north), 2006
Olafur is coming to @DI_Festival in February to talk about creativity and inclusion! @LittleSun https://t.co/0YWKTadIaN
A void of perspective. Interview with Olafur about the work Self-loop at I-Art house at Inujima @benesse_artsitehttps://t.co/CCUwDNGCot
Olafur and @Fhabsburg introducing 15 Acts of Participation at @TBA21. A day of events to share the Green light! https://t.co/rdTbUqgZb4
The presence of absence. Working progress. Glacial ice cast in concrete. Exhibition opens tomorrow.… https://t.co/LBiXJycB1T
The studio has had a close collaboration with Glashütte Lamberts for many years. For a new work a special kind of green glass was handcrafted by incorporating glacial rock flour into the raw material
Glass made with glacial rock flour. Submergence (triptych), detail. #PresenceofAbsence opens Friday.… https://t.co/W0KcPYy3e0
Asako Iwama, incredibly inspiriring former head chef at the studio, talking about her practice in Leeum Museum.… https://t.co/aNi6acpG0d
Glacial ice melting within a concrete block

"For the Ilulissat Icefjord Park, experiments with ice were essential to the design process. We brought 1500 kilograms of ice from Greenland into our studio, transported in a refrigerated container. We did tests with concrete to explore the design options available to us when using ice as formwork for concrete. The idea for the project was to take ice from the fjord and cast a block of concrete around it. Then, after the ice melted, the visitors would be standing in the space previously occupied by the ice. This would provide an experience of seeing and sensing things that do not otherwise lend themselves to being seen and discovered. It’s impossible to get any closer to the ice than this. The experience of negative space familiar from caves or churches. This connection between the space itself and the material from which it was created is extraordinary. The form is imbued with the memory of the ice."

Sebastian Behmann, co-founder of Studio Other Spaces, part of upcoming interview in Magazine GAM 13

Architecture shaped by climate change - casting glacial ice in concrete
Studio Other Spaces' proposal for Ilulissat Icefjord Park, Greenland
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Glacial ice melting within concrete. Working progress for The presence of absence. Opens Friday, Berlin… https://t.co/Gckfk5t9BZ
Encounters with Ice Watch. Featuring dancers from Paris Opera Ballet and Company Wayne McGregor
More about the Ice Watch project here: www.icewatchparis.com