30 years ago the UN banned certain ozone-depleting chemicals, now NASA sees proof that the hole is recovering. Human activity affects earth and the atmosphere. Our actions matter!

Should you try to scare the living daylights out of people, or give them hope? When it comes to climate change - it's complicated..
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Studio Visit - with philosopher Timothy Morton

We only see things when we move - Colour activity house, Contemporary Art Museum, Kanazawa.

Everything still spins - happy new year everyone!

Triple window.
Studio satellite, Marshal House, Reykjavik.

"Life is one continuous malfunction after the other" - Timothy Morton - talks geometry, ecological awareness and concepts of time and space, whilst walking around the studio @the_eco_thought - See clip on:

Proud to have our studio kitchen book in such beautiful company! @Figaro_Culture @Delcroixx @VDuponchelle https://twitter.com/Delcroixx/status/943924832583999488

Philosopher and friend - Timothy Morton - talks geometry, ecological awareness and concepts of time and space, whilst walking around the studio - see video on http://www.soe.tv
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Support refugees in Australia! Wilson must go! #CandiceBreitz @NGVMelbourne http://artnt.cm/2CBOBhy

Photosynthetic - the latest edition of Filter, focuses on the interplay between photography and botany from the 1840 to today. Available via Walther König's website

The studio's advanced geometry research department is experimenting with polyhedral maps - here the surface of Mars is mapped onto various polyhedra

Change Yourself - is a new ethical clothing brand by artist Jeppe Hein based on certified organic materials and a sustainable focus.
Check it out: http://www.changeyourself.dk

World making. The Fuller map - also called the Dymaxion map, was invented by Buckminster Fuller in 1943 by projecting a world map onto the surface of an icosahedron.

The Climate Museum is happening! Temporary home at Sheila Johnson Design Center, NYC, with an exhibition coming up in January. But they need your help and participation to make a permanent home that brings us together to reimagine our cultural response to climate change; that broadens a sense of urgency and inspires a sense of empowerment!