Cirkelbroen, 2015, Christianshavns Kanal, Copenhagen
A gift from Nordea-fonden to the city of Copenhagen
Cirkelbroen is also a work of art. Interview in Danish
Now is the time for the New York City @ClimateMuseum:
Highlighter at Tanz im August, HAU, Berlin
Spiegeltunnel at the Cycle Music and Arts Festival
Kópavogur, Iceland
I only see things when I move
Support The Bright Night Project - an exhibition in the dark, Museum of African Design, SA @Indiegogo @LittleSun
Feature: All eyes on you

Maurice Blanchot "Thomas the Obscure"

He saw nothing, and, far from being distressed, he made this absence of vision the culmination of his sight. Useless for seeing, his eye took on extraordinary proportions, developed beyond measure, and, stretching out on the horizon, let the night penetrate its center in order to receive the day from it. And so, through this void, it was sight and the object of sight which mingled together. Not only did this eye which saw nothing apprehend something, it apprehended the cause of its vision. It saw as object that which prevented it from seeing. Its own glance entered into it as an image, just when this glance seemed the death of all image.

"If the eye were not sun-like, the sun's light it would not see." J.W. Goethe
Collective drawing from Moon
Above below beneath above, 2015
Part of Toyo Ito building, Singapore
Ventilator studio test for Moderna Museet, Stockholm
Virklighetsmaskiner opens 3 October
Your space embracer, 2005, Tanya Bonakdar Gallery, Unlimited Art Basel, 2015
How long does it take (an astronaut) to get out of a black hole, 2010
The studio is the house that hosts the journey of turning thinking into doing. A look into my studio via @WiredUK
Inspiration: Hans Richter, Film Ist Rhythmus: Rhythmus 21, 1921
Circular waterfall model.