Una mirada a lo que vendrá, Elvira Gonzales, Madrid. Music by Israel Fernandez. A film by Miguel de Casas

How can culture interact with large institutions like the UN? And how can artists help further the Sustainable Development Goals? @jenswandel former Assistant Secretary General of @UNDP visits the studio. Full video here: soe.tv @TheGlobalGoals @GlobalGoalsUN

Inspiring project - a laboratory for the future of libraries: The Werkbank is a network based on intersections between books, materials, people and their collection. Sitterwerk, Kunstbibliothek, St. Gallen

(e)motional (future) city map.


A view of things to come gives us a view of ourselves from without, and to see yourself from the outside is to see yourself as part of the world. You see that being in space makes a difference, that you have responsibility. Before we act, we have an idea. But before the idea, there is a space – the space where the known and the unknown meet. It’s uncertain, unstructured, and open. This is where we realise that reality is relative – that we can change what is real – and we see a view of things to come.
Una mirada a lo que vendrá is open at Elvira Gonzáles, Madrid

A view of things to come, Elvira Gonzales Gallery, Madrid

Albatross birds on Midway Island whose bodies are filled with plastic. This sequence of images is from Chris Jordan’s film Albatross - none of the images have been manipulated! Plastic is suffocating our oceans and wild life, but many great initiatives are seeing the light of day at the moment concerning our plastic problems. Lots is being done creating solutions for re-use and recycling waste plastic into new products and within the field of finding and innovating new alternatives to plastic. But you can also start by easily eliminating unnecessary plastic in your everyday life by stop sucking (on plastic straws), not using disposable plastic bags, single use plastic wraps, and many more small steps that in the longer run will have a big impact.

Jens Wandel, former Assistant Secretary General of the UNDP, talks about how culture interacts with large institutions like the UN and how artists can help further the UN Sustainable Development Goals. You can watch more talks on www.soe.tv

Two exciting openings tonight @kw_berlin - Swiss architect and designer duo Trix and Robert Haussmann, and German artist Judith Hopf.

Canadian chef and activist Joshna Maharaj visited the studio recently and gave a talk about her work to improve institutional food. She also cooked a delicious lunch with the studio kitchen team. Watch video on soe.tv @joshnamaharaj

As part of the studio kitchen's ongoing research into sustainable food, Canadian chef and activist Joshna Maharaj was invited to the studio to cook a meal with the kitchen team and to discuss her ideas of radically rethinking the social value of food. An advocate for the positive impact of healthy communal eating, Joshna partners with institutions in Canada to bring fresh local food to schools and hospitals. Watch more food related films on www.soe.tv

"Everything will be up for negotiation, redesign and change. Art can help us cope with the implications of our collective challenges." @richardheinberg @ensiamedia ensia.com/voices/arts/

How can a vast and unwieldy subject such as climate change be expressed in architecture and exhibitions? Nice feature on @ClimateMuseum by @LauraRaskin in @TheAtlantic

Mirror tunnel taking shape in the studio. Initial tests for work that will be part of Una mirada a lo que vendrá, Galeriá Elvira González, Madrid. Opens February 13
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Rabbit studio hole.
Testing mirror tunnel for Una mirada a lo que vendrá @GalElviraGonzal Madrid, soon!

Girls and women play to change the world one (global) goal at the time. Congratulations to all participating teams at the The Global Goals Cup last week in Dubai! And special congrats to the winners – the Diamond Divas who played for SDG11, Sustainable Cities and Communities. Photos by Emil Lyders. Click on image for more

We are looking for an experienced communicator to join our Research and Communications team at the studio in Berlin. More here: