The studio's advanced geometry research department is experimenting with polyhedral maps - here the surface of Mars is mapped onto various polyhedra

Change Yourself - is a new ethical clothing brand by artist Jeppe Hein based on certified organic materials and a sustainable focus.
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World making. The Fuller map - also called the Dymaxion map, was invented by Buckminster Fuller in 1943 by projecting a world map onto the surface of an icosahedron.

The Climate Museum is happening! Temporary home at Sheila Johnson Design Center, NYC, with an exhibition coming up in January. But they need your help and participation to make a permanent home that brings us together to reimagine our cultural response to climate change; that broadens a sense of urgency and inspires a sense of empowerment!

Interesting read; On neuroaesthetics: "We now know that certain forms of visual art increase connectivity and plasticity in our brains when we engage with their nebulous compositional propositions"
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Our advanced geometry research department is experimenting with polyhedral maps - here is the surface of Mars projected onto the fourth stellation of a rhombic triacontahedron

Andreas Greiner's works Photosculptures and 8 Head High are featured in the latest issue of photo journal Filter #7: Photosynthesis. Greiner, a former participant of the Institut für Raumexperimente, has made portraits of micro algae in order to question the human – animal – plant hierarchy at play today.
Available at Buchhandlung Walther König

Viewing machines are a way of bringing attention to the structure of the eye, not just the physical shape of it, but also the role it plays. Addressing how we see the world, and why we see the world the way we see it - thereby, possibly, allowing us to start to evaluate and reconstruct this view, because we were given the opportunity to see ourselves from the outside
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On the eve of the Climate Conference COP23 in Bonn 2,800 people came together at Pathway to Paris in Carnegie Hall, New York. Pathway to Paris is a collaboration between musicians, artists, sustainability consultants, cities and activists to highlight solutions to climate change, and to help turn the Paris Agreement into real action. This video documents a collective artwork conducted by Olafur Eliasson with Little Sun solar powered lamps during the event

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Solar surface - on view from today @TanyaBonakdar at Art Basel Miami. @ArtBasel #ArtBasel

Reality projector - exhibition at the Marciano Art Foundation, Los Angeles, opens in March

Artists are often expected to work for free. @wageforwork is certifying art-world institutions for maintaining sustainable payment methods for artists. First certified exhibition at Carnegie Museum. @ARTnewsmag

Your collective decision, 2017, on view from tomorrow, neugerriemschneider, Art Basel Miami

Fascinating read: "Why facts don't change our minds."
On the limits of reason and evolutionary reasons behind confirmation bias.
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Yellow versus purple, Tate Modern, London

Great read: 'Addis has run out of space': Ethiopia's radical redesign

"Revolutionary theory begins with recognizing accumulation as a fact of planetary existence. We find ourselves on a rock on which five billion years of solar accumulation have already taken place. If we also find ourselves in a planetary crisis, it is because rather than capturing the energy already falling on the earth, we have rereleased previously gathered energy back into the air. Rather than shifting our legacy infrastructures away from digging up old, consolidated sunlight and towards capturing contemporary sunlight, the latter continues to fall while we add to it the sunlight buried beneath. This doubling up on sunlight—adding the energy from the ground to what continues to come from the sun—is the cause, unsurprisingly, of what is called “climate change.”

Excerpt from "Parahistories of Self-Instituting Sunlight" by Stephen Squibb. Read full text on e-flux

Little Sun Diamond

1,2 billion people use a kerosene lantern as their primary source of light. It's expensive, very unhealthy and bad for the climate. Little Sun replaces the fossil fuel in households with solar power! More info on Little Sun