Featured video: Popping at the studio
Now: Movement microscope, 2011, is part of the film program Vidéodanse « le corps en jeu » at Centre Pompidou
Until 14 June
The Museum of Unnatural History - a must. #climateaction http://t.co/z6ls5r1ZoV via @newyorker
Video: Spatial entanglements
The NeverEnding Spatial Experiment #GoPro http://t.co/EGrY1cdDU4
Feature: Body in motion
Ich habe die #G7 aufgefordert, im Kampf gegen extreme Armut Mut zu beweisen. #Mut2015 @ONEDeutschland Mach mit auf http://t.co/1F7QUtZTgW
Featured video: Your sound galaxy, 2012
Knowing doing planet, 2012, FADE – Fornebu Art & Architecture Destination, Oslo
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Remembering Einar Thorsteinn, Friday 8 May, 2015, Icelandic newspaper Morgunbladid
Beautiful, thank you. https://t.co/h3v4LML6U0
Celebrating our great friend and colleague Einar Thorsteinn, who passed away last week.
Images from his life in the studio
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Einar Thorsteinn speaking at Life Is Space, 2008
Einar Thorsteinn and Olafur Eliasson in conversation
Einar Thorsteinn
Download full book here: http://bit.ly/1JqrqUU
Raising masts - Cirkelbroen, Copenhagen
Thinking about our kitchen book vol. II