Feature: (e)merging space
Produce an instant future: walk
'Pong' played on the façade of Harpa, Sónar Reykjavík 2015
Solar eclipse, Berlin, Friday 20 March
Time-lapse: Cirkelbroen, Copenhagen, 18 March
Preparing for tomorrow's solar eclipse
The density of being makes things promiscuous, always touching everything else. Anything is thing enough for a party. Ian Bogost
Featured video: Contact, Fondation Louis Vuitton, Paris, 2014 - 2015
Over the course of the show, this site will grow with visitors' visual responses, dialoging texts, poems, and films http://t.co/nWt3ia79Og
Bridge under way - Cirkelbroen, Copenhagen, Thursday 12 March
Now: We have never been disembodied at Mirrored Gardens, Guangzhou, China
Mirrored Gardens, Guangzhou

While developing the exhibition We have never been disembodied, I worked with the idea that the architecture would find itself reflected in and identified by the artworks; visitors would find themselves in the artworks; the artworks would find themselves in the architecture; and the architecture would find itself within the visitors. This is not to say that all become one. The focus, instead, is on an economy of shifting identifications. The mirroring of Mirrored Gardens is not about the reflections themselves; it is rather about the ability to nurture identification, the same way we identify with something unknown yet emotionally familiar.

Olafur Eliasson

Now: Time-sensitive activity, Modern Art Museum, Addis Ababa
On view until 15 April
Video: Dust particle, 2014 - a film by SHIMURAbros
Feature: Your relativity of black
Feature: book as sculpture
Mihret Kebede, poem for the Time-sensitive activity catalogue
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