Olafur Eliasson Versailles, 7 June – 30 October
Art & science can work together to transform the world. The Art of Saving a Life tells stories of how #vaccineswork https://t.co/SaRJC1bSts
Reading through Studio Olafur Eliasson: The Kitchen makes my head hurt—but not in a bad way. @sarahjampel @Food52 https://t.co/Kpc87H0BDS
Pre-order Little Sun Charge now
DIY machines that enable everyone turn plastic waste into new objects. https://t.co/1WgITqdFvD https://t.co/SHxCUfl6kG #preciousplastic
The Kitchen book is out today!
Kitchens have the potential to be interactive classrooms, just as the table has the potential to be an incubator of ideas @AliceWaters
A book that celebrates the communal spirit of cooking and creativity
Concert, 2013, a film by Amy Paterson
SOE Kitchen
Thank you for making rainy days purple!
Interview in danish: This space belongs to all of us. #UnspokenSpaces @LRforlag @politiken https://t.co/rzQFKjlKqE
Green light website
Great feature on "the queen of books" @irma_boom who is currently working on my Versailles catalogue @itsnicethat https://t.co/62kkRbrBLM
The culture sector may occasionally be creative and financially independent enough to find a loophole. @purplediary https://t.co/7U6atcDq6C
Alius is an artistic research project in its pilot phase: Developed by Rodrigo Maltez Novaes and Simen Musæus, Alius seeks to leverage generative algorithms, machine learning, and distributed data technology in the pursuit of radical alternatives to text
Food, culture and beyond. Join Sanford Kwinter and former studio chef Asako Iwama @PrattInstitute tonight. https://t.co/x6jUAw1R4S
Raul Walch developed Azimut, a series of “rescue kites” together with children and adults at the Greek border. Click on image for more
Hussein shares his story - Green light, Vienna.
New Green light website
An artistic workshop and learning platform at TBA21, Vienna
#UnspokenSpaces Your invisible house, 2005
Weird comes from the old Norse "urth" which means 'in a loop', like the Norns, who twist the fabric of time #UnspokenSpaces @the_eco_thought