Korean artist Eun-Me Ahn performing within Rainbow assembly, Leeum, Seoul
The body is an ecosystem that functions best when populated by diverse species of microorganisms. #Fermentationhttps://t.co/4lHWCKx6lZ
Frankfurt Book Fair begins tomorrow! Authors respond to "this is what we share" on Moon. #fbm16 @Book_Fair @aiwwhttps://t.co/IXBtHpCzXh
Tomorrow: Moon at Frankfurter Buchmesse #FBM16
Little Sun
Trailer: Former IfREx-participant, artist Anne Duk Hee Jordan's film Ziggy and the Starfish
A film on sexuality from the perspective of marine life, read more: Institut für Raumexperimente
Sat down with the wildly and weirdly inspirational Tim Morton. Hear our conversation here: https://t.co/336UuKYJJ0 @the_eco_thought
Olafur in conversation with Timothy Morton, Leeum Museum, Seoul
"Recalculating the Climate Math" - and it's pretty simple! @billmckibben @350 https://t.co/9ZMeRVtfC1 @NewRepublic
Contact, Fondation Louis Vuitton, 2014
Ever seen the Werckmeister Harmonies by Bela Tarr? Watch the beautiful 'solar system dance' sequence here: https://t.co/336UuKYJJ0
Inspiration: Dancing the solar system - excerpt from Werckmeister Harmonies by Bela Tarr
Young volunteers working with displaced communities in Nigeria #ConnectedByTheSun @littlesunenergy @mreazi @yokoonohttps://t.co/S6X8z69vty
Green light is a lamp a learning platform a meeting ground a metaphor a methodology an act of welcoming! @yokoonohttps://t.co/9NZbRb79u2