Congratulations to Little Sun who just won the Creator Award for Best Non-Profit last night in Berlin!

Opening today in Singapore: Seu corpo da Obra (your body of work), 2011, ArtScience Museum, and Room for one colour, 1997, National Gallery Singapore

Parallel to the development of the design for the opera Hippolyte et Aricie at the Staatsoper in Berlin, the studio collaborated with artist Benjamin Skop whose work studies the movements of the human body, in a series of videos. In this video, Skop amplifies his movements with lasers to produce ephemeral, geometric shapes.

Tomas Saraceno - On Air, Palais de Tokio. "Which synaesthetic modes of perception do we need to re-sense the world we live with? Algo-r(h)i(y)thms is an invitation to join a three-month long cosmic jam session, playing with, and becoming part of, a network of unexpected encounters. When you touch the strings, they resonate at different frequencies, some audible and some beyond the human range of hearing, as infrasounds"

Weight of Life - if you're in Copenhagen today - join our friend Joe Dummit, anthropologist of passions, brains, games, bodies, drugs, and facts, for a workshop in contact improvisation -today at 16.00. Part of Resonans Festival.

For the visual concept of the upcoming run of ‘Hippolyte et Aricie’ at the Staatsoper in Berlin, Olafur has approached the costuming as part sculpture, part body extension. This opera’s concept finds historical sympathies with the work of the visionary German painter, sculptor, choreographer, and costume and set designer Oskar Schlemmer, associated with the Bauhaus school. Having produced many works that crossed creative disciplines, Schlemmer described his performance as ‘artistic metaphysical mathematics’ and a ‘party in form and colour’. Parallel to his artistic career, the West had entered into the automated era, and Schlemmer’s theatre productions reflected a kind of romantic pursuit of detached forms through abstraction of performers’ bodies. In his costuming concepts, he would use geometric forms to dramatically extend limbs into space, blurring the boundary between costume, architecture, and stage set. The effect was that the players would appear robotic, ‘post-flesh’, while the combination of costume and dance made an emotional, human appeal to the audience.

What lies at the edge of our senses and knowledge, of our imagination and our expectations?
Where is the horizon that divides, for each of us, the known from the unknown? Contact, 2014 @FondationLV…

Premiering on 25 November at Staatsoper, Berlin: Hippolyte et Aricie, by French, baroque composer Jean-Phillipe Rameau - for which Olafur created sets, costumes and overall lighting concept

What lies at the edge of our senses and knowledge, of our imagination and our expectations?
Where is the horizon that divides, for each of us, the known from the unknown?

High Life - a new film by Claire Denis. Olafur gave artistic advice on the film, and Denis and he have been in conversation about topics like light, space, and black holes since his 2014 exhibition 'Contact' in Paris

During the experimentation- and development stage for the set- and costume design of Hippolyte et Aricie

Love sphere - donated to the @RED auction - proceeds go to the fight against AIDS. Curated by Theatre Gates and David Adjaye.
Miami 5, December. @dadjaye @Sothebys @Gagosian #EndAIDS…

Claire Denis and Olafur Eliasson during the shooting of Contact

Contact - a film by Claire Denis. In 2014, Olafur and filmmaker Claire Denis met to discuss their common fascination with phenomena that have not yet been fully explained by science – such as black holes – and their shared interest in abstraction; this short film by Denis, contemplating tests for Eliasson's work ‘Contact’, 2014, is one outcome of that conversation. Watch the full film on

Love sphere, 2018. ‘I like the idea of using art and culture to generate awareness and support for people to get healthy. There are amazing stories of what happens through access to life-saving anti-retroviral medication, but the fight is only at the halfway point. This is a dangerous time because people think AIDS isn't a threat anymore. We have to keep the pressure on and get new generations involved at home if we’re going to put an end to AIDS once and for all’, says artist Theaster Gates, who, together with Sir David Adjaye, has collaborated with musician and activist Bono to curate the third (RED) Auction to support the fight against AIDS. Centred on the theme of light and the colour red, the collection of contemporary art and design will be auctioned by Sotheby’s during Art Basel Miami Beach and Design Miami on the evening of 5 December 2018 – including global bidding that will be available live online and by phone. The auction will be preceded by a public exhibition presented by Gagosian at the famed Moore Building, which will open 1 December. Olafur has donated his work ‘Love sphere’ to be auctioned at the event. To date, (RED) has generated more than $500 million for the Global Fund to support lifesaving HIV/AIDS programs in Africa. Proceeds from this year’s auction will continue to support community-based programs in Africa through the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, while also providing assistance to the HIV fight through community-strengthening programmes in Chicago with the Rebuild Foundation – an organisation championed by Theaster Gates. Lear more here:

"Formed of complex interwoven networks suspended in air, the "Hybrid Webs unique architectures originate from inter-specific encounters between unrelated solitary, social and semi-social spider species." Great @tomassaraceno exhibition @PalaisdeTokyo…

"There is a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in."…

Olafur on Glacier - a new book by Ragnar Axelsson: "There is a strange human longing for untouched nature. This is neither new nor exceptional, it’s a mode of reflecting on oneself in relation to ‘the other’, to ‘the big beyond’, a longing out of which ideals and utopias are constructed. Ragnar Axelsson, however, eschews utopias, taking another route. He has a calm, analytical gaze. The extraordinary photographs presented in this volume bring that which is otherwise invisible to our eyes and minds, into the realm of the visible. Axelsson’s almost scientific approach – which also embraces the immaterial and the atmospheric – brings these Icelandic landscapes to our attention, makes them felt. Axelsson is clearly comfortable with the abstract and with the patterns that physical landscapes create. He embraces the commingling of abstraction and beauty head-on, yet his pictures are always present, accessible, there for you. They are open, ready to meet up. The artist stays in the background, a facilitator of encounters between the landscape and your own way of seeing. Nature becomes landscape the moment it touches a person: you, the viewer. You – never an eye only, but a vibrant composite of ongoing perceptual and cerebral activities interlinking, framing, and shaping each other. You look, supported by your body – a biological entity – and by your cultural framework, your worldview, your everyday with its little challenges, big challenges, and moments of hesitation and of joy. In your encounter with the landscape it is changed and it changes you."

Senegalese Fashion Designer Selly Raby Kane Collaborates With IKEA @SellyRabyKane @IKEAtoday…

"The new book reveals the studio to be a wildly collaborative laboratory of experiment, failure and success. It features and references the vital work of the craftspeople, administrative staff, cooks and researchers" @wallpapermag @Phaidon…