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Untitled boat drawing
Untitled boat drawing
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Olafur Eliasson in collaboration with Elias Hjörleifsson, 1998. These drawings are based on a concept that Eliasson produced with his father, Elias Hjörleifsson. Hjörleifsson, who was an artist as well as a sailor, created the drawings on the boat where he worked. He dipped a ball of about 3 cm diameter into black ink and allowed it to roll across a sheet of paper, following the motions of the boat for a time agreed on by him and Eliasson. The two conversed over the phone during these experiments. According to Eliasson, the works had both cosmic attributes – as they illustrated the varied and unpredictable movement of the ocean – and traces of the everyday, since they were created during Hjörleifsson's normal work day.


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Untitled (black boat drawing)




Ink on paper