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Contact is content at Seljalandsfoss, 2014
2 C-prints, edition of 100 + 25 APs

Two colour prints of the Seljalandsfoss waterfall in Iceland make up the work Contact is content at Seljalandsfoss. The choice of the Seljalandsfoss in this edition reflects the recurring motif of waterfalls within the artist’s oeuvre, beginning with his photo-documentation of them in Iceland in 1996 – when this image of Seljalandsfoss was taken – expanding to his installations Waterfall and Reverse waterfall in 1998, and culminating in the four massive artificial waterfalls the artist erected in the East River in 2008 as part of The New York City Waterfalls.

The prints mirror each other. The artist suggests framing the two prints separately and hanging them one above the other, with the sources of the two waterfalls abutting. This creates an abstract, Rorschach-like composition of a waterfall spilling upwards as well as downwards, although which image is the ‘actual’, non-inverted depiction of Seljalandsfoss is indeterminable. In this visual ambiguity, surreality arises from an otherwise predictable image, which is subverted within a double uncertainty: if it is the inverted print that hangs normally, then the ‘real’ Seljalandsfoss falls up.

The prints come in a specially produced case, together with a copy of the artist’s book Contact is content, in an edition of one hundred.


Artist´s book Contact is content, 2 C-prints, case