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Commissioned by Public Art Fund, The New York City Waterfalls was a temporary installation, running from mid-July to mid-October 2008. The four Waterfalls were located in the East River, New York, USA: one on the Brooklyn anchorage under Brooklyn Bridge; one between Piers 4 and 5 in Brooklyn; one in Lower Manhattan at Pier 35; and one on Governors Island. The 30-40 m high structures, consisting of scaffolding, pumps, and hoses, were a continuation of Eliasson's previous waterfall works. The New York City Waterfalls were presented by Public Art Fund, in collaboration with the City of New York.

Water, scaffolding, steel grill age and troughs, pumps, piping, intake filter pool frames and filter fabric, LED lights, ultra-violet filters, concrete, switch gears, electrical equipment and wiring, control modules, and anemometres