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'At the end comes a room of yammering strobe lights, illuminating a long wide shelf. Water spouts from the shelf in sprightly arcs and churning gouts, filigree fountains and chugging spume, all immobilised in the flickering strobes. The water seems solid, its droplets and globules caught and hanging in the otherwise darkened room. The effect of Ólafur Elíasson's Model for a Timeless Garden is pure magic, simple yet infinitely complex. Suddenly I am caught in the light along with the water, transfixed, supremely aware not just of light but of time and my presence in the world.'

(Adrian Searle: How the Hayward Gallery’s Light Show Mondkeys with Your Eyeballs, in The Guardian, 28 January 2013.)

Water, pumps, nozzles, stainless steel, wood, foam, plastic, strobe lights, wall mounts, control unit