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Twilight window, 2015 - Mirrored Gardens, Hualong Agriculture Grand View Garden, Panyu, Guangzhou, China, 2015 - Photo: Luo Xianglin, Chen Shengming
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Two frames – about the size of a person, each containing four panes of hand-blown glass, and lit by LEDs – stand mounted to a wall. The glass panes are arranged so that each window exhibits a fade from a dark purple translucence at the top to transparency at the bottom. The work creates the impression that a concentration of purple pigment is slowly but actively diffusing through the glass, or that a dark aurora floats suspended within the frames.

The glass was hand-blown by artisans in one of the few remaining glassworks capable of producing such large blown sheets of this quality. Due to the imperfections of their production, the edges of the panes are irregular, with bubbles and variations visible.


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Twilight window




Coloured glass (purple), painted oak (dark grey), LED lights, set of two