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Drawings from Moon, 2013, 2013
Drawings from Moon, 2013, 2013
Moon, 2013
Drawings from Moon, 2013, 2013
Drawing from Moon, 2013, 2013
Drawing from Moon, 2013, 2013
Moon, 2013 - Tate Modern, London, 2014 – 2013 - Photo: Studio Olafur Eliasson
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From 9 November 2013 to September 2017, Moon offered people around the world an opportunity to connect with others online via a collaborative drawing platform. The collaborative artwork by Olafur Eliasson and Ai Weiwei transcended international borders to celebrate creative expression and interaction. 

Moon is the first collaboration between Chinese artist Ai Weiwei and Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson. A web-based artwork, Moon is a shared platform that invites users to leave their own mark, drawn or written, on a virtual moon’s surface. Since its launch at the Falling Walls conference in November 2013, this interactive lunar landscape has amassed over 80,000 entries, growing from a blank white canvas to a dense collection of diverse responses. Each contribution has created a small but distinctive change to a developing landscape – highlighting the importance of individual expression amongst collective participation. Moon’s open call for creative input is a powerful statement about the potential for ideas to connect people across vast distances and break through political, social, and geographical boundaries in the Internet age.

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