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Earthset, 2013 - Photo: Jens Ziehe, 2013
Earthset, 2013
Photo: Jens Ziehe, 2013
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Produced by applying successive layers of paint on paper to create subtle fades, these two new watercolours, Earthrise and Earthset (both 2013), feature circles that evoke celestial bodies. While the colour scheme in Earthrise progresses from blue tones at the top to yellow at the bottom, Earthset shows a progression in the opposite direction. The central circle appears pale yellow in Earthrise and pale blue in Earthset. Transparency and layering are important elements in these works: despite the paintings’ reduced palettes, a broad range of colours is created through the layers of paint. The titles refer obliquely to a photograph, taken during the first manned flight to the moon, which showed the earth rising over the moonscape.

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Watercolour and pencil on paper