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From April to July 2021, anyone visiting the Beyeler Foundation can walk into the building at any time of day, for the exhibition is open twenty-four hours and there are no doors or windows keeping the world out. The landscape surrounding the building spills into the interior, flooding the gallery spaces with an artificially green pond in which a variety of aquatic plants thrive. Visitors may wind their ways through the exhibition along dark wooden walkways, accompanied by the ambient sounds of insects, traffic, and other people - as well as the smells of the plants and water. Views of the surrounding landscape, a publicly accessible garden, become visible as visitors progress through the gallery spaces. A  number of possible routes allow visitors time to slow down, wander, and contemplate each of the subtly different spaces. The experience of the exhibition varies radically according to the time of day, with the water appearing bright green when the sun is out and glowing fluorescently at night. 


The exhibition is complemented by a microsite hosting entangled ideas, inspiration, and informational material.

A specially-produced multi-channel livestream introduces alternating multispecies perspectives of the exhibition and is available online day and night for the duration of the exhibition.

Water, Uranine, UV lights, wood, plastic sheet, cameras, kaleidoscopes, common duckweed (Lemnar minor), dwarf waterlilies (Nymphaea tetragona, Nymphaea 'Pygmaea Rubra', Nymphaea 'Ellisiana'), European frog bit (Hydrocharis morsus-rana), European water clover (Marsilea quadrifolia), floating fern (Salvinia natans), red root floater (Phyllanthus fluitans), shellflower (Pistia stratiodes), South-American frog bit (Limnobium laevigatum), and water caltrop (Trapa natans)
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