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A large sphere occupies the oculus of Fjordenhus’s boardroom, creating a connection between the interior space and the sky above. The work’s shell is a spherical lattice, formed by two concentric frameworks made of coiling steel tubes, that supports numerous triangular steel panels that fill the interval between the two layers; the steel elements are powder-coated matte white. The top of the sphere emerges through the roof, where it is sheltered from the rain and wind by a hemispherical glass dome. Sunlight is directed onto the sphere by a heliostat during the day; artificial light illuminates the work from within during the hours of darkness. The passage of light through the work’s spiral structure and between the triangular panes casts a complex pattern of light and shadow into the room below.

Stainless steel, paint (white), aluminium, steel, acrylic, light bulb, heliostat, control units