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This large veneered wall panel displays a complex, repeating geometric pattern produced by inlaid wooden pieces with a range of tones and textures. The pattern, which emerged from the studio’s ongoing research into geometry and fivefold symmetry, is based on depictions of two different three-dimensional forms: the pentagonal hexecontahedron and the truncated icosahedron. The first is a polyhedron composed of sixty faces of irregular pentagons, while the second consists of twelve pentagonal and twenty hexagonal faces.

Fifteen kinds of inlaid wood were used to produce an illusion of the three-dimensional forms tumbling through space. The forms interlock by sharing diamond-shaped tiles that represent a foreshortened face of either of the two polyhedra. As the viewer scans the shapes, the different forms become more or less dominant in her focus, giving a sensation of constant change.

Maple, ash, oak, larch, cedar, apple, pear, cherry, elm, American walnut, French walnut, smoked oak