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The exploration of the centre of the sun, 2017

light intensity



colour emergence


Light shines out from the centre of an asymmetrical polyhedron that hangs from the ceiling, illuminating the work itself and casting variegated patches of light and shadow around the room. The form combines a rhombic dodecahedron (a polyhedron with twelve rhombic faces) with an icosahedron (which has twenty triangular faces). The result is a complex, not-quite symmetrical polyhedron that stimulates the viewer to move around the work and examine it from multiple angles. The black powder-coated stainless-steel frame incorporates panes of iridescent colour-effect-filter glass, which reflect light of a single colour while allowing the remaining light (which is of the complementary colour) to pass through. A solar panel on the gallery roof powers LEDs mounted on a slowly rotating armature suspended within the work’s core. The highly reflective, colour-limiting panes of glass multiply the light countless times, producing a galaxy-like array of shifting stars in a variety of colours.

Stainless steel, paint (black), colour-effect filter glass (blue, green), LED bulbs, photovoltaic unit, motor