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Two eye-sized golden spheres protrude from a wall on brass stalks. Displayed at eye-height and at eye’s-width apart, the spheres have pupil-like apertures in front, coaxing viewers to approach and peer inside. As the viewer approaches, she discerns her diminutive, inverted reflection within the gilded interior; as she moves even closer, the reflection zooms in until only a blurry image of an eye remains. At this distance, the dark inner surface of the sphere’s outer coating, speckled with an irregular multitude of bright flecks created by minuscule openings in the layer of gold, conveys the impression that the viewer is gazing into a miniature galaxy.

This work is produced in an edition of 366 examples, a number that corresponds with the number of days in 2016, the year in which it was produced.

Glass sphere, gold, brass, in two parts