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A cluster of 328 glass spheres resembles a scattered mass of large water droplets. The back of each sphere is marked by three small circles of colour: a circle of silver mirror finish at the centre, a circle of black paint to the right, and a circle of yellow paint to the left. On the exterior of the spheres, a flat black paint covers the three dots so that the colours and the mirror finish are visible only when the visitor peers into the spheres. The spheres are of five different sizes, and rest on individual wire racks. Their arrangement presents no regular geometric logic but suggests a natural formation, such as the position of the stars in a newly forming spiral galaxy.

The placement and size of the coloured circles causes the spheres to appear fully reflective when viewed head-on. Looking into the spheres from different angles, though, the viewer can recognise that the reflective surface is only a part of a larger system of colours and transparency present in each sphere.


Glass spheres, silver, paint (black, yellow), stainless steel