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Oscillation bench, 2014, located on the Novartis Campus, is integrated into a park designed by landscape architect Günther Vogt. What at first glance appears as a puzzling, abstract shape reveals itself upon further study to be a circular bench and table. Organic in form, the artwork suggests a three-dimensional representation of a sound wave or a water ripple, radiating out from the source – one imagines – at the centre of the work. As much sculpture as it is meeting place, the bench manifests an aesthetic rooted equally in the work’s form as in its function. Its natural contours engage the human body, inviting visitors to linger at the site, facilitating chance encounters. Like the artist’s outdoor installation The parliament of reality, 2006 – 2009, Oscillation bench offers a place for reflection and the exchange of thoughts. The work’s formal language reflects the ripple effect of an idea and its potential to turn thinking into doing, thus producing reality.