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Four large glass triangles, Hesitant movement sky, Hesitant movement ground, Hesitant movement up, and Hesitant movement right (all 2013), are mounted on a wall, forming a sequence. Hung in varying orientation, the equilateral triangles are partially mirrored, partially clear glass. Due to the blank white surface of the wall behind them, the clear-glass sections appear impenetrable and opaque. The mirror coating takes the shape of one-directional fades. These are oriented in different ways – up, down, or right. The viewer is prompted to explore the nature and effect of each work by slowly moving along the sequence on the wall and observing the varying reflections. In related works, Eliasson uses circular or hexagonal glass. While all forms are basic geometric forms or composites thereof, the triangular shape seems to imply direction.

Partially silvered glass, stainless steel