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Developed in collaboration with Einar Thorsteinn, this is the first of a series of pavilions exploring fivefold symmetry. The latticework structure is organised around so-called Ammann lines, five sets of parallel lines that cross each other at angles of 108 and 72 degrees. The pattern that arises is aperiodic, which creates a combination of harmony and confusion and defies viewers’ expectations.
Located in a park on the banks of the Holbæk Fjord, Denmark, 5-dimensionel pavillon was designed specifically for the site, with every detail of the site planned, including the foliage. The pavilion lies between two paths running parallel to the water – one that is low-lying and close to the fjord, and another, further inland, on a slight elevation. The structure has a circular opening at the top and four arched portals leading into its interior. A small streams flows down the rocks from above the upper path and is channelled into a circular pool at the centre of the pavilion.