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Pavillon für Waiblingen erupts out of the pedestrian square between the River Rems and the ensemble of buildings housing the Galerie Stihl Waiblingen and Kunstschule Unteres Remstal. Flanked by an art museum and an art school, the artwork is simultaneously a public sculpture, displayed directly on the ground rather than on a plinth, and a public space in itself. Towering up seven metres at its highest point, the pavilion consists of a cascade of parabolic arcs that outline a spiralling path. As the path progresses towards the dense, inaccessible centre, the arcs grow taller and narrower; flat beams on the outside give way to almost square beams at the centre. The outer edge of each arc is fitted with a band of highly polished stainless steel, while the remaining three surfaces are painted in different greys, presenting to the visitor an ever-changing interplay of shadows, reflections, and highlights.


Stainless steel