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Your House, 2006 – A film by SHIMURAbros, 2016

This film is a meditation by SHIMURAbros on Eliasson’s work ‘Your House’. This book, commissioned by the Library Council of The Museum of Modern Art in New York, consists of a laser-cut negative impression of Eliasson’s house in Copenhagen on a scale of 85:1. Designed and realised by Michael Heimann and Claudia Baulesch, the book is based on a computer-generated model of the house, sliced vertically into 454 even parts. Each of the corresponding 454 hand-bound leaves (or 908 pages) is individually cut and corresponds to 2.2 cm of the actual house. As readers leaf through the pages, they have the illusion of slowly making their way through the rooms of the house from front to back, thus constructing a mental and physical narrative. The result is an intensified sense of space, dimensions, materiality, and time.

SHIMURAbros are the filmmaking siblings Yuka and Kentaro Shimura. Their work has been exhibited worldwide at venues such as the National Arts Center, Tokyo; the National University of Singapore’s Centre for the Arts, NTU Centre for Contemporary Art Singapore; The Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei; The Hessel Museum of Art and CCS Bard Galleries in New York; the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts; and Museums Quartier, Vienna.

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Your House, 2006 – A film by SHIMURAbros




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