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Asteroid – a film from the app Your exhibition guide, 2014

‘Your exhibition guide’ grew out of a conversation between Eliasson and curator Marion Ackermann in which they considered how to bring experimental, artistic thinking into the exhibition space. Eliasson proposed a smartphone app, inspired by the format of the museum audio-guide, that invites visitors to explore how they encounter artworks and how else they could encounter them. The app was released to accompany the exhibition ‘Kandinsky, Malevitch, Mondrian’ at K20 Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen, but it can be used anywhere. It contains twelve brief films in which Eliasson engages the museum goer’s attention via questions like: How does it feel to break with habitual patterns of vision? How does the passing of time affect my meeting with the artwork? What can be achieved by a radical shift in perspective – for example, by imagining that one is floating through the museum like an asteroid?

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Your exhibition guide – Asteroid




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