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TV lamp, 2006 - neugerriemschneider, Berlin, 2006 - Photo: Jens Ziehe
Bright Shadows: A conversation between Olafur Eliasson and Ina Blom
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Two hundred and fifty multicolour LED lights are fixed at the intersections of a geodesic sphere. The lights are programmed to emulate the pixel colours of an adjacent television screen, thus translating the flat image into an abstract spherical form.

'The difference between the lamp and ordinary television is simply that the signals no longer cohere into a comprehensible image, but function as an ambient source of light. The light of this lamp is, in other words, the light of streaming real-time media output--continually chaging, flickering, remote-control shaping of the visible world. Its light signals attest, in other words, to the basic condidions of a televisual perception of reality and the adaptation to a televisual handling of time and space.'
(Ina Bloom, 'Lamps, television and Biopolitics: The Contemporary Lamp Works', from On the Style Site Art, Sociality, and Media Culture, 2007, p. 118-199)


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TV lamp




Stainless steel, wood, TV monitor, TV receiver, control unit, LED lights, cable, tripod