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Energetic wall, 2002 - D-2 Artworks Projects, Tokyo, 2002 - Photo: Satoshi Asakawa, D-2 Artworks Projects
Energetic wall, 2002 - D-2 Artworks Projects, Tokyo, 2002 - Photo: Satoshi Asakawa, D-2 Artworks Projects
Sketch for Energetic wall, 2002
Sketch for Energetic wall, 2002
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The area in front of the main entrance is the last thing you see before entering the building and the first thing you see when leaving the building.

This is the zone between the inside and the outside of the building where people are in transition preparing to enter the realm of the D2 or leaving it.

In this moment of transition, psysically and mentally, I see the potential of creating a space which gives the transition a form. This form should reflect not only the transition itself but also the dynamics of D2.

Communication is fluid and always experienced individually.
The core of communication is to see an idea as a moving process, an energy field, rather than a static manifesto unable to change.
Dentsu's engagement with virtually structuring the vivid life of communication into various forms is what the area of transition, from the inside to the outside of the building, should reflect.

As if mirroring the entrance itself, the wall opposite of the entrance is what I want to use to create the desired situation. With ephemeral materials such as water, light and glas, I will create a responsive wall that engages the people to see somthing dynamic and processual. The energy that communicates matter.

Light has always been a fundamental element in mediating data. Light throughout history has always been attached to the message itself. If there is no light there is no message. A flash of light is fundamentally an outburst of energy, a sign of sending off a message. The random flashes all together will form an interface to an energetic field, a field of information.
The water is the fluid layer between the light and the spectator obscuring the light creating sparkling spectacles and constant change. The water forms a flexible, almost dematerialised screen enabling you to create your own personal vision of the screen and the surrounding space.
The Energetic Wall in the transition area supports a stronger individual sense of our surroundings preparing people to enter and exit the building with strengthened spirit.

Olafur Eliasson


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Energetic wall




Neon tubes, glass, water