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Addis compass, 2015 - Photo: Jens Ziehe, 2015
Addis compass, 2015
Photo: Jens Ziehe, 2015
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In this compass, an oblong, wooden octahedron, surrounded by a stainless steel ring, is directed along the north-south axis by a magnet. Half of the octahedron’s faces are painted red, with the others painted green.

By virtue of its steady indication of the magnetic poles, the compass serves as a well-known aid for orientation. The artist’s interest in the instrument springs from the way that the compass, by allowing us to situate ourselves in relation to a map or a grid, enables us to see ourselves within a context. In fact, upon reflection, one realises very quickly that compasses orient us not only geographically and topographically, but also socially. The particular visual sensation of the compass is something we all share: the compass binds us to one another through our subjective faculties of sensation.


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Addis compass




Steel, wood, metal, magnet, paint (red, green, yellow)