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Power and care spirals, 2016 – A film by SHIMURAbros, 2017


SHIMURABros contemplate ‘Power and care spirals’, 2016, from Eliasson’s solo exhibition ‘The parliament of possibilities’, 2016–17, at Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art, Seoul. To form each of these works, a loop of steel tubing was been coiled around itself to create a column composed of two concentric spirals. The outer-facing surface of each spiral was painted black, the inner-facing surface, white. Hanging vertically from the ceiling, each column was suspended from a motor that causes it to steadily rotate. An illusion is conjured by the rotation of the two spirals: two waveforms appear to glide eternally past each other, one moving ever upwards within the column, the other forever descending. Music by mamoru. SHIMURAbros are the filmmaking sibling duo Yuka and Kentaro Shimura. Their work has been exhibited worldwide at venues such as the National Arts Center, Tokyo; the National University of Singapore’s Centre for the Arts, NTU Centre for Contemporary Art Singapore; The Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei; The Hessel Museum of Art and CCS Bard Galleries in New York; the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts; and Museums Quartier, Vienna.