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Conceived for The body as brain: Projekt Sammlung, a five-year exhibition project at Kunsthaus Zug in Switzerland, the six newspaper-sized black and white leaves include Eliasson’s statement Museums are Radical and Francisco J. Varela’s The Specious Present: A Neurophenomenology of Time Consciousness. The latter text is printed on a two-dimensional fold-it-yourself ‘quasi brick’, a module that Eliasson has developed with Einar Thorsteinn. The graphic design takes the fivefold symmetry of the quasi brick as a point of departure for a series of abstract tiling forms, either side of the paper combining to create a unique pattern system. The newsprint leaves were sent to friends of the museum as well as used as wallpaper for the café in Kunsthaus Zug as part of (Projekt Sammlung (1) in 2004.

Artist's book
Olafur Eliasson Francisco Varela Caroline Eggel Tomas Saraceno Einar Thorsteinn
24 pages