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Your power kaleidorama makes up one of two kaleidoramas in the exhibition Orizzonti tremanti that focus on Eliasson’s ongoing investigation of light flares created using lens systems. This pavilion, with two flat mirror panels and a curved screen, is affixed to the wall via its rear panel and tilted downward so that viewers peer into its large open side. The mirrored space produced by the reflections resembles a flat, circular image. Behind the screen is a wooden box containing a spotlight and system of rotating glass lenses and color-effect filters, as well as plant material submerged in oil, which allow particular shapes and wavelengths of light to pass while reflecting others. On the screen, the light is refocused into a prismatic, constantly evolving interplay of colors and circular forms.

Projection screen, mirror foil, wood, stainless steel, LED projectors, aluminum, brass, plastics, lenses, optical components, glass, colour-effect filter glass (various colours), fabric, paraffin oil, plant (fern), motors, electrical ballasts, control units