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Your living kaleidorama, features two mirror panels and a curved screen. The entire structure, attached along one flat panel to the wall, extends upward at an acute angle. A spotlight, shone through a metal gobo pattern and colored filter to create the shape of a sine wave, reflects off a nearby basin of water and onto the screen. Inside the kaleidorama, the mirrors repeat and multiply the sine-wave image: on each panel, the ends of the image visually connect to form a rising and falling arc around the viewer, while the mirrored space seems to expand outward in three dimensions. As the basin of water is animated by the motor mechanism, small waves vibrate the colored reflection. Gathering momentum on every ripple, lines twist and contort according to the intricate physics of wave mechanics, before settling back down into the simple shape of the sine wave.

Projection screen, mirror foil, wood, fabric, water, LED lamp, tripod, plastic sheeting, stainless steel, glass mirror, colour-effect filter glass (various colours), motor, electrical ballast, control unit