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Your polyamorous sphere, 2022





This hanging sculpture combines all five of the Platonic solids into a single, harmonious whole. Known since antiquity, the Platonic solids are the only three-dimensional geometrical forms derivable from identical regular polygons. To create this artwork, the solids were nested one inside the other, with the dodecahedron (made from twelve pentagons), on the outside; the cube, tetrahedron (four equilateral triangles), and octahedron (eight triangular faces) inside it; and, at the very centre, an icosahedron (twenty triangular faces). Within a steel frame, the work comprises three layers of coloured glass – one of which employs colour-effect filters, a special material that reflects certain wavelengths of light while allowing others to pass through it. Unexpected colour combinations arise as a result, and the construction appears to be different depending on the angle at which it is perceived. An LED at the core illuminates the work from within and casts variegated geometric shapes on the surrounding walls and space.

Coloured glass (yellow, blue), colour-effect filter glass (green), stainless steel, paint (black), LED light, aluminium