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North Atlantic ocean sound, 2021




colour emergence

Inspired by the themes of colour, transparency, and layering, Eliasson’s glass works use arrangements of circles and ellipses to create illusions of motion and transformation. Eliasson has long been fascinated by the ellipse’s visual ambiguity, since, depending on the context, it can appear to be either a two-dimensional shape or a disc viewed in perspective.

Presented on a driftwood shelf, this array of colourful hand-blown glass sheets combines to create a range of hues in addition to the blues, purples, yellows, and greens present in the panes. Elliptical and circular cut-outs in the glass panes suggest movement and depth and allow the various layers of colour to shine through unadulterated, while an ellipse of reflective coating applied to one of the central glass panes incorporates the viewer into the composition.

Coloured glass (yellow, green fade, blue, blue fade, light purple), silver, driftwood