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The missing left brain, 2022, unfurls before the viewer as a constantly changing lightshow of shapes, colours, and shadows, created through the reflection and refraction of light. The symmetrical sequence develops and vanishes in a slow continuum upon a circular screen that seems to hover in the space. The screen is in fact a semicircular screen affixed to a mirror, which creates the illusion of a full circle and doubles the amorphous shapes into a symmetrical Rorschach-like light display. 
Viewers can glimpse the apparatus responsible for producing the projection inside a custom-made box mounted behind the screen. The box contains disparate glass lenses, colour-effect filters, and objects from Eliasson’s studio. A light inside the box illuminates the objects as they turn, and the resulting distortions are projected via a lens onto the screen. As each motor revolves at its own pace, the relationship between the various elements constantly changes, so that the light sequence appears always new. Chance alignments produce an ever-changing symphony of shadows and reflections on the screen – a phantasmagoria of evolving shapes, arboreal shadows, spectral arcs, and fields of colour that wax and wane and ooze across the surface of the screen. 
Most of the lenses and objects featured here come from the artist’s own collection or are recycled from previous artworks and experiments. Eliasson has long been fascinated with optical devices and collected all sorts of lenses over the years as part of his investigation into perception and the qualities of light. In his projection works, the lenses are divorced from their potential for use in observation and recording and are taken as material to create something of beauty, what the artist refers to as radically analogue films, dependent upon the physical encounter between viewer and artwork in the here and now.

Mirror foil, projection screen, LED projectors, motors, electrical ballasts, control units, aluminium, brass, steel, stainless steel, glass lenses, mirror, reflector, colour-effect filter glass, wood, fabric, plastic
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