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Not-yet-conceived flare from a nearby, more-than-human future, 2021



colour emergence


A nebula of constantly changing shapes and light spreads outwards on a wall from behind the silhouette of the circular apparatus responsible for its creation. The curved lantern consists of a black shade covering its back and a circular lens directing the light out onto the wall. Inside, two concentric rings of colour-effect-filter glass, hung perpendicular to one another, turn at a constant, slow pace. As a result of the special quality of the material, the light passing through the rings changes colour depending on the angle it hits them, an effect that is made more complex by the curved, reflective walls of the concave casing. The rays of coloured light are projected onto the wall to produce the complex, ever-changing display of variegated shapes and shadows.

LED light, lenses, colour-effect filter glass, concave mirror, concave stainless steel mirror, aluminium, brass, stainless steel, wire, motor, control unit