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How to build a sphere out of cubes, 2018


public space



Two open geometric structures, situated at the outer extremes of an elliptical lawn, engage in a formal dialogue with one another across the lawn, marking out an open, public space on the campus – itself a site for dialogue. Each form is a light structure made of brushed stainless steel: the one is a human-sized cube from which one corner has been removed and the other is a pavilion-scaled stellated polyhedron composed of sixty identical modules. The cubic sculpture forms the basis for the spherical work, acting as an aid to understanding the geometry of the more complex form across the lawn – the triangular mirror that cuts across the cube’s missing corner indicates one side of the module. Within the sphere, identical mirror triangles form one side of each module, providing the link that allows viewers to map the relationship between the two forms. The mirrors and the brushed steel surfaces add a living, ephemeral quality to the work through their responsiveness to the dynamic conditions of the light and the surroundings, causing it to appear different depending on the weather and the time of year.

Stainless steel mirror, integrated lighting, in two parts