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Vær i vejret takes the form of a large vertical ring positioned along the north-south axis of the Ordrupgaard Kunstpark. A special weathervane mounted on the roof of the museum detects the direction of the wind. Whenever the wind changes direction, the ring emits a gust of fog into the park through a series of thirty-six jets that are spaced equally around the circumference of the ring.
In any work of art displayed outdoors, the weather is the invisible, unspoken element; the artwork is literally exposed to the weather. Whether we acknowledge this fact or not, the weather is always part of the work. The work embraces this invisible element, making the wind, the atmosphere, and the air in which we live explicit. Even when the wind is not blowing, the work exists in a state of potentiality.

Bronze, stainless steel, water, pump, nozzles, control unit, wind sensor unit