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In this watercolour, the artist continues his investigation of colour phenomena, a central concern for much of his work across all media, from large-scale installations to photographic series, sculptures, and light projections. This specific watercolour explores both transparency and layering, as well as the effect of negative space on our colour perception. Despite the watercolour’s reduced palette, a diversity of hues is created in the painting’s field through the intersections of gradients of purple and blue, with subtle but surprisingly clear differences across the gradients’ overlap. Further, a kind of ‘negative space’ appears in the field as a large circle of solid orange; where its edges meet the gradients, the viewer discovers ever more variations in perceived tone and quality of colour. The result is a kind of colour study that reveals not only the mutual influence that similar tones have on one another but also the relativity and context-dependent nature of all colour phenomena.

Watercolour and pencil on paper