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Schools of movement sphere, 2014, is formed from two stainless steel frames arranged one inside the other and connected at frequent, regular intervals. The two frames each trace the geodesic lines of a sphere, although in directions reciprocal to one another, creating a spherical lattice. Affixed in pairs to the small connecting spans between the two frames are innumerable triangles of mirror and blue painted steel. A single bulb at the core of the sphere projects the dynamic pattern of shadows created by the triangles and framework onto the surrounding space.

Drawing inspiration from the mesmerising relationship between internal motion and external shape exhibited by schooling fish, the static surface of the work appears to be a flurry of movement. The geodesic lines of the sphere naturally draw the eye upwards in a whirlwind of tints and shapes, and even the slightest movement by the viewer alters the perceived alignment of spirals and triangles, creating the illusion of constant change. The viewer recognises her movements through the room in the motion she perceives in and on the sphere.


Stainless steel, stainless steel mirrors, paint (light blue), bulb