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The titular installation for the artist’s solo exhibition at the Fondation Louis Vuitton in Paris, Contact is a quadrant-shaped space that confronts the viewer with a line of monofrequency light along the room’s curved wall. The two remaining walls, straight and covered in mirrors, effect a visual extension of the work, creating the impression that the viewer is in fact present in a circular space, rung by a band of monofrequency light – the ‘horizon line’.

From the curved wall and the horizon line, the floor slopes gently upwards towards the central point, giving visitors the impression of standing on an enormous sphere. The static line of light creates a tension in the visitor’s spatial awareness, juxtaposing itself to her felt horizon, which undergoes constant change as she moves through the space.

Monofrequency lamps, foil mirror, aluminium, wood, rubber, paint (black)