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In The reflected polar reversal, a map of the earth has been designed on the surface of crystal glass sphere. Through a hand-silvering process, the oceans have been given a mirror finish and been coated in a layer of black paint, resulting in an outline of the world’s landmasses in negative. Peering into the sphere through the empty continents, the viewer encounters distorted reflections of the interior and fragmentary views of her surroundings.

Olafur Eliasson: ‘The earth is spinning and every space upon it is a consequence of this movement. When looking at the world from the inside, looking through the glass, at the back of the earth, you put yourself on the inside of the globe and gaze out from the centre. Looking at Europe from the perspective of its footprint, for example, you see a reflection, centrifugal or not, of what is across the globe. You thereby reflect the other in yourself.’


Partially silvered glass sphere, paint (black), rubber ring, wood