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Suncity model:
The model is constructed from 52 wooden rings. Each ring represents the path of the sun for one day per week of the year, as it would be perceived from any location in the city of Stockholm. The model is based on a sun path diagram that has been modified to create a distinctive form.
The acrylic plate represents the horizon line. The part of a ring above this line depicts the daytime path of the sun; below this line it depicts the nighttime path of the sun. The relationship between night and day and summer and winter thus becomes apparent.

Suncity drawings:
The drawings demonstrate the development of the sun building from a diagram into an enclosed space and how the path of the sun would be perceived from within such a structure.
The six renderings depict the building as a proposed addition to the Stockholm waterfront.


12 C-prints (60cm x 90cm), model: wood, acrylic glass