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The Starbrick is an experiment with light modulation and space. Together with my studio, I initially focused on the spatial challenges involved in the shaping of a complex geometric brick. This led to the development of stackable star-shaped modules that produce three types of space: the solid structure of the module itself, the negative space at its core, and the polyhedric spheres that appear between the modules when stacked.

I have attempted to develop a module that, while functioning as an object in itself, can also be assembled to form multiple basic architectural elements such as walls (whether freestanding or integrated into an overall structure), suspended ceilings, columns of all shapes, sizes and volumes – theoretically, you could build an entire luminous house out of Starbricks! The expandable principle is a generous one that makes it possible for the lamp system to relate to its surroundings.

The Starbrick poses questions that are central to both contemporary art and society: how does light define space? What politics of light infuse our immediate surroundings?

Olafur Eliasson

Polycarbonate, LED lights, transformer, control unit