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Located in the Botanical Garden in Gütersloh, Germany, Geruchstunnel (Fragrant tunnel) is sculpted by the aromas of the many flowering plants that grow over the steel arched structure. A cobblestone walkway leads the visitors into the site-specific artwork, where it continues round the circumference of the circular pavilion and into a central space planted with clusters of flowers. Walking through the tunnel, visitors experience the wealth of smells emanating from the plants and are invited to explore the diverse colours and shapes of the flowers and leaves. Almost sixty different varieties of plant are present in the work. Care was taken to select plants according to their respective light needs, and the individual species were positioned around the arbour to ensure flowering throughout the warm months of the year. The experience offered by the artwork evolves as the plants grow, blossom, and die back over time.


Stainless steel, various plants (Alyssum montanum, Convallaria majalis, Viola odorata, Lilium candidium, narcissus Poeticus, Lonicera Japonica, Lavandula angustifolia, Rosa)